Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida Sparring at Black House

Anderson Silva Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida Sparring at Black House”

  1. AbdallahSaleh20 says:

    The beginning is a taste of what Machida vs Jones will look like.

  2. qwertyuiop298 says:

    Black House is black? Who knew?

  3. 00Jackacid says:

    @thegodsend just dont confuse what you cant see with reality fool.

  4. elmamututu says:

    was that a fart at 2:10 ?

  5. RedRaider8493 says:

    @HybridDragons lol your close but its actually the compression shorts and the rashguards rubbing. when they get a little wet they get considerably a lot of grip and rub the mats a bit

  6. thegodsend says:

    @00Jackacid You come with nothing, sir. So I’ll just treat you as such. NOTHING! Talk all you want now. Because, I know your ass will be silent when Jones finishes off Machida. The Machida age is over. It’s all about Jones!

  7. thegodsend says:

    @UFCfan4lif3 I see where you’re coming from. However I still think that Jones is the best out of the three. Yes Jones still has more to learn, but you see him get better in every fight. I mean his MMA potential is through the roof. Silva is a legend, but he can be beat. And if he goes up against Jones, I believe he will. Jones is younger, stronger & as fast as Silva. Even Steven Seagal(their trainer) said in 2 interviews that he doesn’t believe that Machida & Silva could beat Jones. REAL TALK!

  8. 00Jackacid says:

    @thegodsend yeah like “urr i cant see brock lesnar losing” this is mma and your base propaganda shall be treated as such.

  9. thegodsend says:

    @00Jackacid Quit with the gay comments and being ignorant. You can have civil debate without resorting to mindless insults. Or maybe you can’t! You ignorant fool!

  10. thegodsend says:

    @kilikhan1 All I’ll say is, When Silva was asked in press conference about in the future possibly having a match between Jones, he denied it. Silva was willing to go up to 205 to fight Forrest Griffin. However he won’t go up to fight Jones. That speaks volumes. I don’t think Silva wants any part of Jones. Whether or not if Silva can beat him. He doesn’t want the fight.

  11. UFCfan4lif3 says:


    i can see silva beating jones. but jones incredible reach could pose a problem for silva. that’s about it. jones is a decent enough boxer to stand toe to toe with silva i’ll give him that but on the ground. we still don’t know how good he is. Yes he submitted rampage but then again rampage isn’t exactly known for his submission defense. That being said. we might actually see silva try and take jones down. if not silva will likely go for head kicks and hopes he connects.

  12. 00Jackacid says:

    @thegodsend then get his dick otu of your mouth. it’ll hurt less when lyoto knocks him out like he did his team mate rashad.

  13. TheChokeoutartist says:

    2:20 Two guys in the back taking pictures of Lyotos asshole

  14. TheChokeoutartist says:

    2:20 Lyotos lookin around like “Insert Here”

  15. GuilhermeBarros13 says:


  16. kilikhan1 says:

    @thegodsend I agree with you to a certain extent that Machida has very little chacne vs jones, but to say Anderson has no chacne thats just wrong…His accompleshments in the UFC speaks for itself, his overall experiance is outstanding and the fact he beat the best. So Anderson has a good chance vs Jon Jones, not slim chance.

  17. KennHua says:

    Its called your legs rubbing against sweaty ass mats.

  18. thegodsend says:

    Both of them are great fighters, but neither them of could beat Jon “Bones” Jones. I just can’t see it.

  19. Kstappert185 says:

    haha hell ya jones watched this

  20. HybridDragons says:

    Not a fart, it’s the sound of legs rubbing against a sweaty mat. Excellent sparring.

  21. baftjar123 says:

    2:09 and 2:52

  22. dustinjonesguitarist says:

    This is the only time we’ll ever see these two square off… 🙁

  23. Lrdvltr says:

    @whole27 You’re a fucking idiot.

  24. Lrdvltr says:

    @docbach329 He’s an ignorant troll. Ignore his stupid ass.

  25. Getrealpeeps says: