Anderson Silva Gets A Chance To Fight For Middleweight Title

It was announced by Dana White, the president of UFC, on Wednesday that Anderson Silva will get a chance to claim the middleweight title if he manages to defeat Nick Diaz in UFC 183’s main event after which he will have to compete against the winner of UFC 184 middleweight title fight which is between Chris Weidman, the champion and Vitor Belfort, the challenger.

Anderson Silva hasn’t fought for more than a year due to a severe leg injury and he was defeated in his last two fights by Technical Knockout.

Anderson Silva remained the champion in the middleweight category from 2006 until 2013. In UFC 162, Chris Weidman knocked out Anderson Silva. A rematch took place five months later in UFC 168 where Silva was again defeated by Weidman. In that match, Weidman knocked Silva down in the very first round of the match but Silva was able to get up and soon after that the bell rang indicating the round was over.

In the second round of the match Silva was kicking the legs of Weidman which were checked. One of the leg kick checks of Weidman broke Anderson Silva’s leg. Silva put in a lot of effort so that he is able to return to the UFC. Silva’s leg injury and his age are two major hurdles for him. Silva will become40 years old in the month of April this year.

Anderson Silva’s fight against Nick Diaz will take place on 31st January. Silva is considered as the favourite of the match despite the fact that he hasn’t fought in more than a year. Weidman won four rounds against Silva and defeated him in two matches. In 2011, Silva kicked Belfort in the face which knocked him out. Anderson Silva has said recently that he’s unwilling to fight any Brazilian for a title.