Anderson Silva Highlights [Beautiful]

Anderson Silva Movie Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Anderson Silva Highlights [Beautiful]”

  1. mixpunk94 says:

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  2. mehrdadofsky says:

    some one jack this vid and re upload with something else

  3. irlandesvoador202020 says:

    u proud of this?

  4. neyloman says:


  5. neyloman says:

    you’r suck

  6. FielCapoeira8 says:

    how could you put together so amazing fighter with so lame song

  7. 0zix5k says:

    Download link??

  8. UncleVladi says:

    gay song

  9. hiimchris says:

    As voters, we have the right to vote third party.

  10. Rajce89 says:


  11. rickrooney says:

    the best of the wolrd…

  12. Rob Anthony says:

    What song is this

  13. hohnermode11 says:

    mute this video before playing

  14. DelPieroJoga10 says:

    Nós brasileiros nascemos lutando desde criança , por isso temos os melhores lutadores do mundo hahaha

  15. BigFellaMarkus says:

    watch my channel.. I’m re-uploading this with some respectable music.. PRIDE FC THEME

  16. BigFellaMarkus says:

    Silva doesn’t have to eye poke and knee kick to win

  17. MrNahkasohva says:

    this song makes Silva look bad, how bout u think the song better when doing ur next video?

  18. dewu95 says:

    Mamed ma go na jedną bombę ;)

  19. BBS1234561 says:

    disliked for the song

  20. Korsarzysko says:

    stupid song

  21. TempestTheBlaze says:

    Ew…Undead Hollywood…Ew…Oh god EWWWWWWWWWW. If anything, play some R.A.T.M, they’er better

  22. garijuana says:

    wow, you can tell the average age of youtube when all the comments are “gay ass song”

  23. masterwaru says:

    dumb song

  24. Philiphs17 says:

    Thumbs up if u muted this in less than 15 seconds.

  25. Tsedev Tseren says:

    nicki minaj?!?!! why dafuq?!?