Anderson Silva Highlights – Tribute to The Spider

Anderson Silva Video clip Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Anderson Silva Highlights – Tribute to The Spider”

  1. soccerfan69ish says:

    A. silva vs GSP….enough said

  2. hashfromjc says:

    Its true. Boxers with 14 oz gloves on can throw quicker punches than 90% of the MMA guys, its unbearable to watch how slow MMA punches are, not to mention the bad form they have. Silva is the best at boxing in the MMA. And his boxing match was against a nobody really, theres so many pro boxers and bouts that just because its “professional” doesnt mean shit.

  3. thechildrenzplace says:

    holy shit, just finished watching the whole thing..and all i can say is…..thank god that we have guns. haha no just kidding but honestly holy shit.

  4. thechildrenzplace says:


  5. dullybugg23 says:

    Who would fight him and why?

  6. chonyc77 says:

    This guy is way ahead of anything he fights. He makes the other guys look like they came to watch him fight and got called up from the audience to try and fight an MMA fighter. LoL!!

  7. Mr9mm4u says:

    @Dwyndwyn “Boxing ain’t Shit in the Real World??” lol Yeah, Okay. Thats why MMA Practitioners Get into Boxing to Learn how to Throw Punches, Move On their Feet, and Slip, Bob and Weave. Because People Eventually Realized that the Traditional Karate/Gung Fu Blocks and Punches were not Enough. And “MMA is More Popular than Any Other Sport??” lol Yeah, Sure. Thats why u can Combine the Pay Checks of 5 or Even 10 MMA Guys and they Still won’t Make what Floyd Mayweather Makes in 1 Fight. lmao!

  8. Dwyndwyn says:

    @Mr9mm4u Be real here boxing isn’t shit in the real world. Boxing is dead as a jew & everyone knows mma is booming more than any other sport in the world right now and probably will continue to do so. In the real world boxing is pussy shit & everyone knows it. Even if silva did agree to boxing his head movement is too good and has real knockout power through technique.

  9. woody84 says:

    Boxing & MMA are completely different sports. It’s stupid to compare the two. Of course the boxer who trained for years in boxing would beat the MMA guy and it’s the same vice versa. Both sports take an incredible amount of skill so just leave it at that.

  10. sergiomaximilianoh says:


  11. Mr9mm4u says:

    @ThiagoSilva187 So he had a Boxing Match as Recent as 05? Okay, and ummm, just who did he Fight? Some Idiot that just Goes to a Boxing Gym, Puts on a Pair of Gloves and THINKS hes a Boxer?? lol smh Come On man, Please. That Dude was Probably some Drunk from a Bar for All we Know. I’m Talkin about Put him in there with a REAL Boxer .Somebody whos Ranked in the Top 10 in his Division at Least .He doesn’t have to be the Champ, or Even the Number 1 Contender. But at least Top 10. RJ would Kill him.

  12. ThiagoSilva187 says:

    @Mr9mm4u Silva had a boxing match as recent as 2005…it wasnt a close fight lol.

    Roy Jones jr…Silva would shatter his glass jaw with ease now as Jones is way, way, way past it.

  13. Mr9mm4u says:

    @omglolftwbbq lol smh Wack ass songs/artists u mentioned. Fuck Drake and DJ Kaled. The only good thing on ur entire suggestion was Eminem.

  14. Mr9mm4u says:

    @sovietninja3 Agreed, he DOES make everyone look like they don’t know how to fight. lol But the thing is, that he doesn’t have to try hard to do that. Alot of these UFC/MMA guys don’t know shit. They say to themselves that they wanna be MMA fighters so they learn a lil bit of boxing, learn how to grapple and throw a few kicks and they swear they’re good. lol But they’re not. The truth is that in the history of the UFC I’ve only seen 4 or 5 guys that really impress me. But yes, Silva is the Best.

  15. Mr9mm4u says:

    @ThiagoSilva187 Don’t bet on it. Just cause a guy is good in MMA doesn’t mean shit. Anderson Silva to me is the very best that I’ve ever seen in the UFC, but if he gets in a Boxing Ring with a Great Boxer, he’ll get dropped on his ass. lol Cause he won’t be able to kick and/or grapple, it’ll be strictly boxing rules, and he’ll be out of his element. Believe me, put him in a Boxing match with Roy Jones. As out of it as Jones is right now, he’d still beat the shit out of Silva in a Boxing match.

  16. Mr9mm4u says:

    @contracts47 That just shows that Boxers are technically waaayyyy better punchers than MMA guys. I’ve seen alot of MMA “Experts” and “Legends” that throw punches like my lil sister for cryin out loud. lol No form or technique whatsoever.

  17. TheSpecter93 says:


  18. MrChancho93 says:

    @19thaman78 fedor is def not greatest hw of all time man

  19. dynastoned says:

    @contracts47 yeah but that was in 1998 man. it’s been a long time since he’s been ko’d.

  20. JohnnyDesaint says:


  21. musk02000 says:

    5 people were looking for a documentary about spides.

  22. musk02000 says:


  23. musk02000 says:

    @omglolftwbbq Thumbs up for “Till I colapse” GJ on the video, best MMA montage I’ve seen.

  24. jc208132 says:

    I once fought against Anderson Silva………….in my dreams. I still lossed……….very badly!!!

  25. eugCai94 says:

    @ 0:56 hold up ill knock u out in a sec