Anderson Silva: ‘I Tried to Induce Chris Weidman Into Playing My Game’

Anderson Silva Online video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Anderson Silva: ‘I Tried to Induce Chris Weidman Into Playing My Game’”

  1. Ray Zeeland says:

    That’s what we said before…careful!

  2. Ray Zeeland says:

    Yep, he let the nigger in him come out, and that’s never good.

  3. 006ran1 says:

    Anderson was incredibly cocky that fight, completely lacking respect, he bloody deserved what he got lol

  4. PTD SaviorSnipe says:

    Lol Anderson Silva isn’t making any excuses cause he got beat by the better fight that nigh, cause he’s a man… Why are his butt hurt fans?

  5. kentd253 says:

    Everyone is saying that Anderson always fights like he did against Chris Weidman. They are overlooking one minor but huge detail.

    Anderson Silva put his hands down in his fights a lot….BUT when he does it he makes them pay when they miss! Think Forrest griffin, Dan Henderson, rich franklin ect.

    Against Weidman he made him miss and then taunted some more instead of making him pay and it cost HIM instead.

    Look for that to be a big difference in the rematch.

  6. vambo13257 says:

    Silva- ” I am a huge douche and I payed the price”

  7. vambo13257 says:

    spider gonna stay the b!tch azz punk

  8. francisco villalobos says:

    Anderson was not hungry anymore he needs motivation

  9. bulletinthewind says:

    Do your research dumb cunt. Good effort though. Eat shit.

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  10. CarpeCerebrum says:

    That question loses its merit, as “no one” is not a hyphenated word. Good effort though. 😉

  11. Philip Hudson says:

    Abu Dhabi is awesome. Dana White sucks.

  12. EndlessSeaOfIdiots says:

    Nighty night

  13. Kakarott Daniels says:

    Anderson deserved to be knocked out…im one of his biggest fans and when i saw him get clipped i was so fuckin sad but i realized he needed to be put away but this rematch
    anderson will win and there will be part 3 to this fight

  14. Joe Machael Mendietta says:

    Fucking auto correct

  15. Joe Machael Mendietta says:

    Spider going to knockout that ducking white boy

  16. Joseph Gamez says:

    Anderson gonna win that rematch.if he doesn’t fool and takes This fight seriously.hats off to Chris Weidman tho,I never thought he would KO the #1 fighter in the UFC

  17. Skufflz says:

    Pyjamas is the British English spelling, whereas pajamas is the US English spelling.

  18. Skufflz says:


  19. PTD SaviorSnipe says:

    Lord God Lol Anderson is not un-beatable people. Everyone needs to quit making excuses for him. He did the same thing to Chris he does to every fighter since day one and it just simply didn’t work because Chris Weidman played it smart and called his bluff, said screw it, charged in, and knocked him out. I’m not saying he will win that way this time, I say it ill got no further than the 3rd round; With Chris winning by ground and pound cause of his amazing wrestling.

  20. Lowfun says:

    Welcome to the internet.

  21. jumustube says:

    I also believe he didn’t want to win as much as before. He was playing games and wanted to get caught… that many years as champion really fucks with a persons head

  22. OMAZ DAILY CLIPS says:

    fcku oyu man w.e can s’pell 🙂

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  24. Rodolfo Cubita Jr says:

    it is normal for the figthing tournament,it u will hit by suddenly lucky punch,anderson is careles wiedman is a wise guy,he has strenght to defeat anderson,same what happen to manny pacquiao vs manuel marquez,lucky punch wil come anytime u must be carefulful every round,protect your self all the time

  25. UFC1HD says:

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