Anderson Silva “I’m The Black Dana White”

Anderson Silva Video Score: four / five

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21 Responses to “Anderson Silva “I’m The Black Dana White””

  1. Andy Fresno says:

    dano, lorenzo, cheezits

  2. Jonathan Kendall says:

    That would explain why he’s so quick.

  3. hardkandy91 says:

    not funny

  4. Saqib Ali says:

    Dana Black

  5. Isis Onyx says:

    I don’t understand why it is so hard for white or black Americans to understand this it is common sense but thanks for breaking it down

  6. Patrick Vilone says:

    Andy just lost): so sad

  7. temokam says:

    lmaaoo , i guess he becomes black now, since he got knocked the fuck out lmaaoo , and jones becomes mixed , lmaaooo !!! u moron

  8. temokam says:

    LOL, randy couture is not white as in European white , his ancestry belongs to the american line of European descent … lmaaoooo , what a lot of crap ,

  9. temokam says:

    jeremy linn is not chinese like in asian chinese , his ancestry belongs to the american line of asian descent .. lmaaooo !!

  10. temokam says:

    LOL, georges bush is not white as in European white , his ancestry belongs to the american line of European descent … lmaaoooo , what a lot of crap ,

  11. temokam says:

    There isnt such things as black as in afro-black , what did you smoke ?/ in Africa there are about a million shades , i can show you Africans lighter skin than silva , but they still blacks , if you say that silva is not black cause he is mixed , therefore the majority of aricans americans are not blacks either cause they are all mixed , and most of them even have more mixed blood than anderson silva , which would be very confusing , everysingle descendants of africans slaves are AFRO !!

  12. temokam says:

    That debat is over since anderson silva , who have a black skin , who is afrobraslian , said that he considered himself as black , so he is black , YOU have to live with it !!! PERIOD !!

  13. temokam says:

    Thiago ,congrats finally a Brazilian that would educate those ignorants that do not consider anderson silva as black , simply cause he is the greatest , they don’t understand that every-single black living in the Americas, north or south , had his ancestors taking away from Africa , so all the blacks in the world even in Europe , we share a common heritage by blood or by culture , and one day if we all unite , i`m sure we will achieve great things !!

  14. Ganja420Gang says:


  15. wonphi says:

    I understand, but the fact is there is a difference. Africa is not just one place, it is filled with hundreds of different African tribes and ethnic groups with their own unique culture, language, and features, heck even their genetics are different. To say that you guys are the same would be devaluing the diversity and rich peoples and cultures of Africa. He’s black, I get it, but his Ancestry belongs to the Brazilian line of African descent.

  16. Thiago D'Souza says:

    Being a Afro Brasilian man born and raised in Bahia, I can say our Afro history is no different than the blacks in north america. Both our ancestors came from the same place Africa and were just split to different places. Both blacks here in Brasil and In America have mixed blood. There is no such thing as a 100% African blood if you were born in Brasil or America. The black slaves here were raped here just like the blacks in America. Silva is considered “Negro/black” here in Brasil.

  17. Keyser Söze says:

    they’r fucking redguards man , look at you posting Three comments in a row , nothing better to do ? jesus man .

  18. Thiago D'Souza says:


  19. wonphi says:

    I study culture, so yes, I do comprehend, you shouldn’t assume my friend. And “African” culture is very diverse, Brazilian afro culture is VERY different from cultures that are IN Africa. I know since I’ve lived in both continents. some associate themselves with Africans, some say their culture is different, it’s not up to you to speak for all of them. Deal with it. People can identify how they want, but history is always a factor. Period. No need to be angry at the truth.

  20. wonphi says:

    For example, many people want to claim Tiger woods as African, even though he’s genetically more South East Asian. He calls himself mixed. The history and heritage is where it’s at, Anderson and Tiger are much more diverse in history than your average Afro American. But in the end, it is there choice to call themselves whatever they want.

  21. wonphi says:

    No, I am just talking about the truth, He isn’t Black as in Afro black, that’s what it is. he’s mixed. IF he was a rapist or not, race doesn’t matter, he’s a rapist, don’t care if he’s white, chinese, indian, or african descent.