Anderson Silva looking in great shape heading into UFC 168 [TRAINING]

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25 Responses to “Anderson Silva looking in great shape heading into UFC 168 [TRAINING]”

  1. Joooeeey says:

    R.I.P Chris Weidman 

  2. Nick Saxon says:

    looks shitty

  3. figo7ronaldo says:

    Hoping Silva regains his title back. And dope beat. Sounds straight out of
    a fight night game.

  4. BLITZ1993 says:

    Silva doesn’t have to prove anything to me the guy is one if not the
    greatest but if he loses again I would rather him lose like a man then a

  5. Cloud Strife VII says:

    RIP Chris Weedman

  6. John Sablan says:

    Silva should also train on how to fall properly when he gets KO’d. Last
    time was a horrible fall.

  7. stringskippa says:

    Anderson..He’s my favorite fighter but he better watch out for Chris’ nasty
    left hooks. Chris took advantage and threw that first left hook when
    Anderson switched stance. I’ve never seen Anderson make this kind of
    mistake. His footwork has always been remarkable. Maybe Anderson got
    rattled in the first round and was desperate to keep it standing up by
    exposing his chin more than he needed to.

  8. Avast Samble says:

    1. Anderson was dodging almost everything weidman through at him. it was
    sad for weidman, who looked confused and useless. Yes he was confident, yes
    he was determined, and he’s a phenomenal fighter, but he didn’t know what
    to do. you know how I know? because he pressed forward and kept punching.
    knocked out after pressing forward, missing a punch, and finding silva
    knocks them out. For christ’s sake, man, he knocked out Forrest Griffin
    with a single punch while walking backwards. Are we still having this
    Silva himself said what I thought 1 hour after the fight. He didn’t
    counter. Super basic mistake, first time it’s happened, won’t happen again.
    If you watch the fight, he’s actually perfectly set up for it, just like he
    wanted. All he had to do was take a step back and just put a hand
    forward…Weidman’s momentum would have done the rest. Silva’s plan was
    perfect, and I laugh at those who don’t see that and think weidman beat
    it…HE FELL DIRECTLY FOR IT. when the fight stood up in the first round,
    he was getting toyed with, and Admitted silva was upsetting him. then in
    the second round, silva upset him even more! he just wanted to strike
    wildly. his discipline was giving, regardless that he says, “I was just
    staying true to my gameplan”. He didn’t know what to do, so he pressed
    forward and punched. I couldn’t tell you why, but silva didn’t counter, and
    weidman’s face was saved.

    This will not be the case again. Weidman is a phenomenal fighter, great
    heart, will be amazing. But I’m sorry, there’s just no way he could face a
    100%, seriously focused Anderson Silva. I’m not talking about anderson vs.
    sonnen II, im not talking about anderson vs. stephen bonnar or Vitor. We’re
    going to say Anderson from back when he demolished chris leben.

    If you saw the first fight, and actually watched it and looked for
    strategies, you’d be a fool to think Weidman will win the rematch,
    regardless of his confidence, regardless of Roy Jones Jr. ‘curses’,
    regardless of much. His slight slither of a chance stems from the fact
    anything could happen. But I’m seeing Silva eat Weidman alive.

  9. Richard L says:

    If Silva wins the rematch, he will have to give Weidman a rematch. We will

  10. Khaos969 says:

    I hope Anderson remembers how long Weidmans arms are… Weidman is huge…
    everytime Anderson dropped his guard and tried to bob and weave Weidman
    caught him it was like Anderson just couldn’t analyse weidmans reach

  11. Jay Jackman says:

    Weidman didn’t beat silva, silva beat silva !!!!

  12. Blanca Alvarez says:


  13. Jack Thunder says:

    Everyone says “the lucky punch”, but nobody talks about the “lucky
    triangle” Anderson pulled off. Chris is a great fighter, give him the
    credit he deserves.

  14. wowgoat says:

    I have been holding this back since the actual fight just out of respect
    for weidmans balls of fighting in the U.F.C. Guys are gladiators. But……
    I am showing my age here… He looks like Bill Murray of of Caddyshack when
    he was the groundskeeper guy. Weidman has that crooked kind of mouth
    underbite thing going on and even slobbers a little and sounds a little
    like him hahahahahah. Am I the only one here. Anderson first round tko btw
    is my prediction but had to get this Murray thing off my chest .

  15. dlldll says:

    is this vid in slow mo or what?

  16. Nick Lawrence says:

    anyone who thinks Weidman knocking out Anderson just doesn’t understand the
    fight game, have a look at a few articles on the web (bloodyelbow, or Jack
    slack’s blether report) it wasn’t a ‘sloppy’ backhand and a ‘lucky’ hook
    that hit him, it was smart backing him up till he couldn’t move anymore,
    with his legs completely in the position to take a punch/

  17. jonthedonable says:

    ehhmm…. just want to make a point here I think people may be missing !!!

    Anderson silva has never looked in bad shape !! lol he even was
    embarrassing Weidman before Weidman landed that lucky shot. its a fight, 1
    shot is all it takes, it happens !! doesn’t mean silva’s skills had
    decreased lol

    silva needs to be champ again, Weidman isn’t a good champ !! he has the
    personality of a plain white envelope and says whatever sounds good or
    makes him sound good opposed to being real and honest. I don’t dislike the
    guy though !

    and this is coming from someone who was not a huge silva fan !

  18. Jason Crimzy says:

    Silva superior skills and mindset is.really gnna be the difference on the
    28th. Its almost timmeee!

  19. luka tolic says:

    R.I.P. Chris Weidman

  20. Mark Rodgers says:

    Why the horrible music ? I would rather hear the training. I can’t wait
    for this one. I think Silva is going to take his title back. I think he
    is going to give Weidman a beating.

  21. Macmittens411 says:

    Weidman’s a scary fuckin dude… hella strong!

  22. anaconda118 says:

    Nice to see a wooden dummy there for any dummies who think Wc doesn’t
    work.If it didn’t work then Ufc fighters would try sneaky Wc eye gauges
    when the ref isn’t looking.Vital point striking like this is exclusive to
    Wing Chun.

  23. PALADIN MMA says:

    he has very experience and will have more care full this time you will
    see it

  24. Davi F says:

    10 diasssss! *-*

  25. Carlos Henrique says:

    Hehe If Weidman wins Vitor Belfort will destroy him in 2014!