Anderson Silva Tribute 2011

Anderson Silva Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Anderson Silva Tribute 2011”

  1. dirtspawn says:

    Best fighter montage I have ever watched 🙂 Thanks for the upload!

  2. marcelo1489 says:

    @thegoldrisk ducked sonnen?? i dont think you know how mma works..champions dont walk around picking and choosing guys to fight..joe silva and dana white choose who is the top contender..for four years sonnen got defeated more than four times by a triangle choke..that’s why they didn’t fight..sonnen just wasnt good enough to get a title shot. and go figure..guess how silva beat him?..yup u guessed it..triangle

  3. marcosg360 says:

    i like anderson the spider sliva real fighter mental alike bruce lee. it awsome! no one beat anderson never lost. ha ha .

  4. hgdrsrr says:

    o maior lutador da historia sem duvida

  5. Deyan70 says:

    Born to be alive !

  6. marllusl2 says:

    nice movie!!!

  7. gijosephacoleman says:

    Thank you for this video!

  8. jackfantoe says:

    @MmaSmarty87 clearly your confused about your sexuality

  9. xFuJai says:

    10:55 damn lol

  10. xenx619 says:

    they should have a “Become A Legend” mode on UFC12, Where you play through the exact fights (including pre-UFC fights) of the current Champions. Anderson Silva would be the most fun.

  11. JRAD311 says:

    This is why he is the best fighter of all time!

  12. aydow says:

    the best tribute/highlight reel i’ve ever seen. i’ve watched this so many times. awesome work, dude!

  13. elchiuco says:

    goodbye sonnen……..

  14. speedandpower100 says:

    best p4p baby hehe..

  15. poobox12 says:

    anderson silva is like goku.

  16. sqbgc says:

    scroll up and enjoy the video!

  17. coltkeno says:

    Anderson Silva 😀 BiH

  18. illuminatiCannibal says:

    12 Sonnen fans.

  19. REELHIPHOP420 says:

    i’d like to see Chael talk all that shit after watching this

  20. tobinatorxxx001 says:

    @thegoldrisk you my friend don t know shit abou the ufc if 4 example chael wouldnt have lost to maia the fight would have been sooner so on and so on

  21. ciromrl says:

    the best guys of ufc, r not even close to half the level of anderson
    i cant w8 to he fight with j.jones

  22. keblbeck says:

    @thegoldrisk I’ll tell you how dumb you and Cheal Sonnen are Anderson Silva’s contract with the Ufc doesnt allow him to duck anyone! If the Ufc wants the fight to happen its gonna happen Cheal didnt want to fight Brian Stann just like Silva didnt want to fight Vitor.This isnt boxing where a guy decides if he wants to sign to the fight or not.The fighters have obligations to the Ufc first,so theres no way he would be able to duck Cheal.He doesnt think cheal deserves another chance thts ALL!

  23. keblbeck says:

    @thegoldrisk What are you talking about???????????????? He always fights the best dumbass, thats why hes in the UfC.Joe silva and Dana White decides who he fights he never ducked cheal EVER! cheal had to prove him self first in the Ufc before he had to get a title shot which I still beilve he had a loseing record(in the Ufc) anyways when he got the tilte shot. Please tell me who has he truly ducked that leads you to belive he has a scar on his resume?

  24. TheSchangbang says:

    @thegoldrisk he still won soooooo who cares.

  25. dietoolife says:

    @thegoldrisk You sound like a fool, who is he ducking? Joe Silva makes the fights.