Anderson Silva Online video Score: four / five

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  1. Nicotico Dust says:

    they make a rematch?

  2. MrLive1dayatatime says:

    Good heel hook end that old news lol Weidman won over him twice already.

  3. 0neduke says:

    retard GO WATCH THE FUCKING FIGHT,.. jesus ppl like u piss me off and just
    want to shoot u till u rot,. waste of human life

  4. harvey keitel says:

    what does “bo ha” or Boa” mean in portugueses?

  5. 0neduke says:

    man u really are retarded like wtf are you saying? ur mental retardation is
    infecting other ppl so just bury ur self in a grave now to save us time.

  6. joshybumboshy says:

    Ryo Chonan = strong chin

  7. buyerofsorts says:

    I know but didn’t we all see that coming? Shit, we need GSP and Edgar to
    reclaim some titles!

  8. Thomas Gagne says:

    Andy doesn’t do well with rematches… He ducked Okami for like 6 years
    after getting pounded by him.

  9. RapIs Ruined says:

    1:50 waaa i got my ass kicked

  10. Rememberthename8 says:

    I would be scared to meet Ryo Chonan in a back alley.

  11. Y2DMC says:


  12. Taj Sandhu says:

    lol wot a fuckin pussy cryin like a lil bitch. i can only wonder how he
    took the weidman ko then he lies about sum bullshit pre existing injury.
    str8 up bitch. i been sayin it for years weidman by ko/tko in the first

  13. Beatdownartist says:

    @mondaywar Just like u murder words! Learn to spell fucktard!!!

  14. tkotomy says:

    UndoSun Shiver

  15. Swp Andrei says:

    Yea I understand its to hard for you to understand … like I said you’re a
    real idiot.

  16. kiikiikhan says:

    now here is a smart man:) finnally i found someone who understands
    anderson’s silva stlye. he is a great counterstriker, has great reflexes,
    defence and amazing chin. so the fighters who fight him standing up are in
    big trouble(if they are not elite strikers, k-1 guys) ryo was actually
    winning the fight too. another thing. most fighters get scared when
    anderson starts going crazy, but chonan didn’t, he stayed composed the
    whole fight and then did the best sub in hostory in my opinion.

  17. stankwho says:

    That was a carefully planned takedown, beautiful!

  18. 0neduke says:

    Im the idiot? look whos talking, you dont even know what happened in the
    fight LMAO so dont come here talkin to me like ur a smart ass cus u dont
    even what happens in the fight

  19. Tyranitroll says:

    so what? are you saying you never cried? I call bullshit.

  20. plow plows says:

    @marighella000 You`re the pussy bra, can`t even handle being human. btw why
    do you Brazilians fucking stomp on your own?? you people have no class…

  21. Emad Wolf says:

    Get in the cage with Silva!! Nerds talking rubbish

  22. snakerman2612 says:

    eu sou portugues. nao desista nunca meu irmao, boa sorte para a vossa causa

  23. yellowsneakers234 says:

    Chonan had top control for a large portion of the fight on the ground and
    was winning the stand up exchanges towards the end. Anderson landed solid
    shots and had Chonan’s back, but Chonan defended well. Even Bas Rutten had
    Chonan winning the fight before he got the sub. I guess Bas Rutten who was
    comentating was watching a different fight too.

  24. Swp Andrei says:

    Haha , fucking moron talking about waste of human life , I’m surprised you
    didn’t shoot yourself yet , you able , you’re that stupid and idiot

  25. mrxexellent says:

    1:29 is that gonzaga junior in the back??