Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami Rumble on the Rock

Anderson Silva Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Anderson Silva vs Yushin Okami Rumble on the Rock”

  1. drumnbass00 says:

    No respect OOOOHHH No respect OOOOHHH No respect OOOOHHH No respect OOOOHHH No respect OOOOHHH No respect OOOOHHH No respect OOOOHHH hahahh 5:07

  2. jardyisdabest says:

    0:06 to 0:09 he jizzed in his pants

  3. jardyisdabest says:

    0:6 to 0:9 he jizzed in his pants

  4. Daniell999999 says:


  5. AlliedSoldier says:

    Damn… Thats gonna hurt in the morning

  6. GiantSnail says:

    I keep re-watching that knockout. What the hell, Silva? That was a CRAZY kick, and it just came out of nowhere. No wonder he’s nicknamed “The Spider”, but “Spider Monkey” would also work with his freaky flexibility!

  7. arisjiujitsu says:


  8. AssortedBullshit says:

    @chalms88 I think that’s his jock strap dumbass

  9. chalms88 says:

    lmfao apparently okami stuffs his shorts… since all asians have micro dicks

  10. PiggMinnickyhq says:

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  11. merdoch says:

    @yksnimus well, generally when you disregard/break rules, that’s considered dirty. I’ve not ignored anything. If you think breaking rules during competition can ever be seen as ‘fair’ you’re an idiot.

  12. yksnimus says:

    @merdoch then why you said dirty kick? its completely different from “against the rules kick”, since from most ppls eyes(who dont know the rules) it was clearly a fair kick, otherwise it hadnt became so I said and u just ignored, he lost, doesnt matter anymore the rules..ah whatever, I alredy said and u ignored cause you dont have anything worthy to say, alredy pushing the subject to other ways

  13. merdoch says:

    @yksnimus A. I actually like Silva, I think he’s a great fighter. I don’t think you’re entirely correct on whether or not everyone agrees it was a fair kick…And it really does matter what the book rules are. That kick is illegal, same as if you did it in a Jiu Jitsu competition, a futball game, or a game of chess.

    P.S. I know Portuguese, I don’t understand what that has to do with anything.

  14. yksnimus says:

    @merdoch you might want learn portuguese so u can see me speaking correctly..
    everyone who sees this fight agree it was a fair kick, just the ones who dont like silva disagree, it doesnt matter the book rules, since silva was indeed disqalified, its the impression marked in the momment that still remains: stupid result

  15. merdoch says:

    @yksnimus An opponent is considered grounded if he has either one or more hands on the ground, or one or more knees on the ground. The Unified rules for MMA are pretty clear, I don’t agree with them all personally. But if you enter a contest agreeing to rules you should follow them. Whatever your ‘concept’ is it is obviously outside of the rule book. Also, you might want to learn to spell correctly, it just makes you look silly.

  16. yksnimus says:

    @merdoch grounded? silva is grounded, okami is on top, kicks are just allowed if the oponent is in the air? my concept on grounded is very clear, theyr and urs are not

  17. merdoch says:

    @yksnimus This is a sporting event, not a street brawl. Head kicks to the face of a grounded opponent are illegal…I don’t know about you, but if you both agree on the rule of engagement and someone breaks said rules I believe that constitutes foul play. It’s pretty clear, cut and dry.

  18. yksnimus says:

    @merdoch dirty? explain me

  19. jjredblood19 says:


  20. SugarHoneyIceTeaz says:

    lol gives him a bunch of low kicks makes him think that’s all hes gonna get then BAM surprise mothafucka!!

  21. leomatosuk says:

    Guys, look for a video called MARISA MONTE: AINDA BEM…There is a great participation from Anderson Silva dancing bossa nova!

  22. icbluhelooksglorious says:

    I like how the side by side says they are both 6’2″ yet he announcer says Silva is 5’11” lol

  23. AK47Rifle100 says:

    Who’s next?

  24. merdoch says:

    A. Anderson Silva is a great fighter.
    B. These announcers are garbage, they didn’t even know if Okami was on the ground or standing ?!?!
    C. That was a dirty, dirty kick.

  25. MrRavAndTheFools says:

    @Jon60L He should be fighting Jon Jones.