Anderson The Spider Silva Tribute Highlights

Anderson Silva Video Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Anderson The Spider Silva Tribute Highlights”

  1. thefighter5222 says:

    @KillerKrump2000 may be he s ok but i think GSP is better

  2. Fall3nAng3ls says:

    @Thebjj34 Omg dude if moved up back to 205 he would get destroyed Jon Jones would tear into him and GSP would destroy him as well I believe.

  3. KoolGNasBlackThought says:

    lol half the clips are from him Vs Rich Franklin

  4. Thebjj34 says:

    @CtotheOban Muhammed Ali my ASS… Anderson Silva is AFRAID of the Heavyweights!! that’s why he fight in the SAMLL Middleweigth division look how tall he is he could easly fight the big gyus but NO he is afraid

  5. 4nier7 says:

    Fucking awfull edit!!!

  6. magaivebr says:

    He moves like Jegger  !!!!!!!

  7. datness says:

    Mute The Volume, Open Another Tab And Play “Injure You” By “Chris Webby” On Youtube The Same Time As This Video…


  8. kneeguardpleese says:

    i love when he puts his hands down and stands their like “whatchu gonna do nigga??”

  9. CtotheOban says:

    The Muhammed Ali of the MMA… Just a Legend…

  10. PArSsaw says:

    So, that’s what happens to the guys who says that Anderson’s voice is gay?

  11. maniakid94 says:

    Song:rob zombie-reload.

  12. diplomata1990 says:

    @Totifus you don’t love Him, BUT HE LOVES YOU BEYOND ANY MEASURE

  13. slasher445 says:

    @llainfactor lee murray hasn’t fought since he lost to anderson in 2004, he managed to defeat Jorge RiveraTriangle Armbar January of that year

  14. oaktree4able says:

    too bad this guys such an asshole

  15. OfficeThug says:

    Spider, at his best, trolling people who can’t fight.

  16. kosch14 says:

    1:51 KICKED IN THE FACE!!!!

  17. jiafujiafu says:

    I was watching this video
    My nose bled .

  18. RelatedGiraffe says:

    2:38 Someone has had really much fun making this video

  19. Cideat says:




  20. snowpilot2010 says:

    Silva would knock out heavyweights all day nikicai. He’ll knock out any fighter in any division. He looks scarier at 205 because his punches hit harder and just as fast. He should fight for the LHW title and knock Jon Jones out. After he shuts up Sonnen.

  21. gantzter1 says:

    Cool vid… but what is the anme of the song? is epic o.O!

  22. Nyhus says:

    Awesome video, and really fitting music. This is the only Rob Zombie song i like.

  23. jmurf420 says:

    this is 1 guy i WOULD NOT wanna piss off. lmao at 2:15 it says “nuts”. helluva sponsor

  24. KillerKrump2000 says:

    @nikicai  if he was up to weight then we’ll know where he stands genius -__-

  25. nikicai says:

    @KillerKrump2000 your world’S bst fighter would get CRUSHED in the HW division..
    that’s why he fight the SMALL MW division guys