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Anderson Silva wants to return next year

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship and UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva is still to face the Nevada State Athletic Commission and answer charges relating to his multiple failed drugs test before and after his UFC 183 win over Nick Diaz in January but he has told fans back in his homeland in Brazil that he plans to remain in the business for some more time.

According to the 40 year old, he will be back next year. He added that he doesn’t know what will happen because all the things he used during the treatment of his broken leg and the supplements were taken back to the laboratories of the anti doping agency in order to be examined and find out what happened. He claimed that he doesn’t know what happened and the positive result was a surprise for him as well. (more…)

Matt Brown Fans Want Him To Fight Carlos Condit

Friday, October 17th, 2014

Tyron Woodley the welterweight participant of Ultimate Fighting Championship popularly known as UFC has said that all his fans from the mixed martial arts or MMA hope that they will get to see his fight against Matt Brown now that he has defeated Dong Hyun Kim on 23rd August 2014 in china on Saturday at the UFC Fight Night 48in Macau.

Many people including Matt Brown do not agree to this as he spoke to FOX sports that the news isn’t true as his fans want to see him fight Carlos Condit the former champion of the interim welterweight. According to him, there was another time before that he and Condit were supposed to fight against each other and that fight is probably what the fans want to see. He feels that the way their fighting style and techniques match makes the fight more interesting. He says that he never anticipates anything while in a fight and so although a lot of fans would expect that the fight with Woodley would be a killer one but they are wrong.

Matt thinks that the fight with Woodley may be a real quick one as his fans expect that Woodley would knock him down really soon after the fight starts or that he would be beating up Woodley slowly and steadily but these are the only and easy ways to end the fight with Woodley. Whereas, if Condit is taken into consideration the fight with him will be a tough one.

Junior Dos Santos gearing up to take Stipe Miocic to the task

Monday, September 29th, 2014

The Brazilian MMA fighter Junior Dos Santos is undoubtedly one of the fiercest opponents in the ring. Standing at 6’4’’ he is one of the best strikers in the heavyweight category. He has been a dominant force knocking out his counterparts since his debut. He has been successful in defeating quite a few well known names in the circuit including Mirko Filipovic, Stephan Struve, Gilbert Yvel, Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin. However Junior Dos Santos was removed from action owing to a broken hand last October during his bout with Stipe Miocic. Although he has recovered from his arm injury, what is holding him back for so long is a knee injury. But the fighter that he is, Dos Santos is hopeful of making a comeback later this year. He has been out of action since his injury and is hungry for some success. The medical and the coaching staff are putting in their best efforts in order to make him recover and help him return to the ring.

Both Stipe Miocic and Junior Dos Santos are looking forward to face each other in another stiff competition. Earlier Alistair Overeem called for a grudge match against Dos Santos but the schedule might not be able to provide for both the matches together. It is going to be a tough challenge for the forgotten star to make an impactful comeback after so many days especially after the injuries that he has suffered. Yet the fans are hopeful of a resounding success from their star performer. The UFC crowd has always been supportive to the Brazilian superstar. But he has to start from the scratch once again. It is tipped to be an exciting season as one win Miocic is in the form of his life and Santos needs to put in a lot of extra effort to win.

Alistair Overeem Waiting To Return To UFC Eagerly

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Alistair Overeem is a kickboxing and martial arts expert who is associated with the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). He has a history with Junior Dos Santos and was waiting excitedly for an opportunity to fight against Santos. Thus, Dana White (UFC president) gave Overeem the opportunity to compete against Santos. However, Alistair Overeem did not take advantage of this opportunity.

Overeem has said that he refused to fight Santos because he was suffering from rib injuries that he received in the month of February, 2014 in a UFC 169 match against Frank Mir. He does not know how long he will take to recover. Thus he does not want to commit himself to any UFC fight as such. Overeem is on a vacation and he is planning to visit Holland so that doctors can start with his treatment and he can start with his physical therapy as well. He truly wants to make a comeback to UFC as soon as possible because he is being criticized by many people.

Dana White has got absolutely angry at Overeem. Reportedly, he said that Overeem is hiding and does not want to face Junior Dos Santos. He is of the opinion that his injury will last for a very long time and once Junior Dos Santos gets another opponent, Overeem will recover. Since Santos is the champion and the best, Alistair Overeem should have accepted to fight against him and should have proved his worth to the other people, added White.

The UFC president has also been facing a lot of criticism because of the statements he has made against Alistair Overeem. However, White is not willing to back down from the statements he has made. According to White, if Brock Lesnar was offered to Overeem, his injury would have disappeared in no time and he would be ready to fight Lesnar.

Cesaro Hurts Eye In WWE Raw Bout

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

The Intercontinental WWE Championship is certainly a cursed one. First it rendered a bad shoulder injury to erstwhile Intercontinental champ Barrett which cost him his title as well- now it is Cesaro who suffered a serious eye injury during his takes at the WWE Raw event on 30th June, 2014.

The June 30 Raw match saw Cesaro fighting against Kingston (Kofi) at Hartford and it was during the round of the match that he suffered injury to the eye.

“We conducted some specialized examinations & staining of eye that showed scratch on right part of his injured eye that is called sclera & not cornea, which refers to clear side of an eye”, stated a physician who examined Cesaro right after his optical injury.

“We would be keeping the eye patched up for 24 to 48 hours and use artificial tears as well as reevaluate him the next day before his match”.

As per the latest market reports, Cesaro would be participating in a singles bout opposite Ziggler (Dolph) at WWE Main on July 1 night. But his participation is obviously under clouds as he is supposed to have his eye-patch on till 48 hours. Fighting with eye-patch is definitely a big deal but then not impossible- Naomi amazed his fans several times 2 months ago by wrestling with a single eye.

However, the best bit is that the eye injury is not that critical and won’t cost the fighter much time. Cesaro seems to be in a way better situation in comparison to Barrett who has been advised rest for several months. In fact, Barrett’s loss seems to be a gain for Cesaro as the latter has already been announced for 20th July Intercontinental Battle Royal Championship at Battleground, Tampa.

Silva could return in 2014

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

When Anderson Silva snapped his leg trying to reclaim the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Middleweight Championship at UFC 168, it seemed that his professional career as a Mixed Martial Artist was over.

But Dana White, the president of the UFC says that isn’t the way things look right now.

During a recent interview in a talk show, the big boss of the promotion stated that he expects the legendary Brazilian to return to the UFC Octagon this year.

White stated that he will be able to walk without the help of crutches before the end of this month and can return to training in a few months’ time which will give him plenty of time to return to action before the year is out.

Silva underwent the knife after snapping his left leg on the 28th of December in a defeat to Chris Weidman. His left tibia was fitted with an intramedullary rod and the stabilization of his broken fibia didn’t require a separate surgery, which was extremely positive for any future fighting aspiration that Anderson Silva might have.

The time to recover from an ankle injury like that suffered by the Brazilian can vary from person to person but according to White, it would have been worse had he suffered an AVL injury considering ligament tears take longer to heal that broken bones.

The 38 year old, widely regarded as the greatest Mixed Martial Artist of all time, has expressed his desire to take on the challenge of boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing ring but Dana White doesn’t quite endorse the idea.

White stated that the idea is good but it doesn’t make any sense as a proposition but added that Anderson Silva has worshipped him like a hero for years and he wants the fight.