Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva 2 but who wins? Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans UFC 145 & 147

Anderson Silva Video clip Rating: 3 / 5

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13 Responses to “Chael Sonnen vs Anderson Silva 2 but who wins? Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans UFC 145 & 147”

  1. crimescene08 says:

    any fighter who has to take a fake belt to a pressconference and pretend to be a champ is by far the dumbest person to come make their way into MMA ..i think this guy needs to go get a cat scan lol

  2. crimescene08 says:

    stop talkin shit chale sonnen michael bisbing already slapped you around..silva will murder you this time around … u piece of crap lol ..MMA’s posterboy for shit talking

  3. fleetcadi1 says:

    hes also a fucking snitch proof=Sonnen pled guilty to charges of money laundering in connection with mortgage fraud on January 3, 2011. The maximum sentence is 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine but as a result of his plea and agreeing to cooperate with the investigation into a ring of mortgage fraud, Sonnen is expected to receive two years probation, a $10,000 fine, and the revocation of his realtor license PROMOTE THAT CHAEL and im not saying this cause im anderson fan i fucking hate him

  4. fleetcadi1 says:

    Drug tests conducted at the time of his match with Anderson Silva showed that Sonnen had an elevated testosterone/epitestosterone (or T/E) ratio which fell outside the allowable range. Specifically, Sonnen’s urinalysis showed that his T/E ratio was 16.9:1. By comparison, an average man has a T/E ratio of 1:1, meaning Sonnen’s T/E ratio was nearly 17 times that of a normal man and more than four times higher than the allowed maximum for an athlete

  5. fleetcadi1 says:

    i like how he says 205 is weak when everybody who watches UFC knows for a fact that the 185 has forever been the weakest its been ruled by one man only for 6 years thats a fucking shame and he wants to talk about what this sport needs when it comes to respect he needs to go back to read above

  6. xXGMDXxFilmsXx says:

    silva!!!! rashad!!!!!!!!

  7. HASSDICH62 says:

    @lonelystoner016 shut your face kid be realistic
    what a loser

  8. lonelystoner016 says:

    @HASSDICH62 he said he will go after anyone who has a belt even jose one of his interview…so shut ur cock sucker!

  9. achterkant16 says:

    @lonelystoner016 And he wants tot take care of the spider

  10. HASSDICH62 says:

    @lonelystoner016 cause he is not 205 dumbass

  11. BiGBLuE07ChAmPs says:

    He nailed that

  12. grumpyae86 says:

    Well said. He’s a brilliant promoter of this sport! Crazy but brilliant

  13. lonelystoner016 says:

    why dont u manna up and challange jon jones chael!!!!