Dana White: Chris Weidman Wants to Smash Anderson Silva in Brazil and Grant Rematch in New York

Anderson Silva Video Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Dana White: Chris Weidman Wants to Smash Anderson Silva in Brazil and Grant Rematch in New York”

  1. GnrlDisarray0 says:

    Weidman needs to get another fight before he gets to fight Anderson imo. His most notable victory was against injured Mark Munoz and I just don’t think its enough.

  2. Zulu8380 says:

    Anderson Silva by spinning ninja kick in the first round.

  3. mcr08901 says:

    @Joseph Pasillas Haha no chael got the jj fight because no coward would fight jj at 205 .. And it’s not like chael is gonna be a doormat for jones.. And if anybody does think that … Then they better watch ufc159 boy

  4. Forest Hanke says:

    Well you’re not the number one contender so, what you say doesn’t matter. He matters because he’s undefeated and he’s the number one contender.

  5. rpf Pros says:

    What!!!! just because he said he was going to beat Anderson doesn’t give him the right to fight him. I can say that too. Matter fact Im going kick Anderson Silvas ass guaranteed. See its easy to talk

  6. IAmLincolnOsiris says:

    haha i dont know about all that but he is an awesome fighter

  7. coltonrussell92 says:

    Ya if Silva were to be doing the TRT therapy I’m pretty sure NO human would WANT to fight him. That being said JBJ would get beat.

  8. Joseph Pasillas says:

    Chael gets fights because of his mouth! And of course Weidman has to say something to try to get the fight. I mean… come oooon he won`t get any notoriety unless he says something not because of his talent!

  9. drexP says:

    To those who are using the term’Anderson Fanboys’ yes, i would probably suck his dick if i had the chance

  10. drexP says:

    your reply had nothing to do with my comment haha im saying he’s just tryna TALK his way into a title shot from behind the scenes

  11. Jarrod s says:

    You all want to think that. This comment is top rated, every one knows that.

  12. nicumecu says:

    Can you imagine if Anderson was allowed to cheat by using T.R.T..

  13. TheHm3 says:

    lmfaoooo We’ll see what you say when Chris gets knocked out silly. Too many people said they’re a stylistic nightmare for Silva. Everybody and their mothers believe they can beat Silva.

  14. Hamad Oman says:

    I watched how Demian Maia defeated silly Sonnen.
    Chael is a big dirty mouth with a tiny mind.
    UFC has many fighters better than Chael but Dana and his fellows use all their sly means to put pressure on those fighters.
    They know how to force them to refuse the fight and love their son.
    By the way, Dana admitted that many people hate Chael in one of his interviews.
    Ariel Helwani is their investigator who must ask all participators in UFC about how they feel about their son”Chael”.
    What a company!

  15. Tim Jones says:

    If Jones was the perfect fighter he would have had at least ONE real knockout by now. 

  16. Tim Jones says:

    Yup, none of these anderson fanboys want to admit that their hero cheated blatently in front of millions of people by wiping vaseline from his face onto his body tin an attempt to stop Sonnen’s takedowns. They are absolutely delusional, they think the guy is some sort of indestructible god-like figure that no one can speak ill of.

  17. Tim Jones says:

    Lol are you kidding me? Weidman is OBVIOUSLY a stylistic nightmare for Silva, especially at this point in both of their careers. You guys will cry hard when Silva finally loses. Also, what’s wrong with believing someone has a chance to win? Jesus you guys treat Anderson Silva as if he was God.

  18. Tim Jones says:

    Anderson did cheat by rubbing vaseline all over his body and then proceeding to grab Sonnen’s shorts multiple times. He also proved he is a coward by only agreeing to fight Stephan Bonnar instead of a top 10 LHW.

  19. Tim Jones says:

    So who should Silva fight then, Cung Lee? STFU asshole.

  20. Demetri Jason says:

    The winner of Belfort vs Rockhold should face Weidman and the winner of that gets to fight Anderson, how’s that?

  21. Demetri Jason says:

    it’s not impossible to beat Anderson but it’s highly unlikely

  22. TheHm3 says:

    You gotta be fucking kidding me…. Did you not remember Anderson’s broken rib with a combo of Chael on roids? Then you dare to say Anderson cheated? Are you fucking kidding me? What are you gonna say when Anderson humiliates Weidman?

  23. TheHm3 says:

    Exactly. The people who claimed Chael would beat Anderson went 2 ways after the fight. 1 group claimed Anderson ‘cheated’ and the other grouped complained Chael was a ‘can/bum.’ Same happened with Vitor, same with Okami, same with Hendo. But even after Silva tears apart Weidman, haters will hate. Now what Anderson needs to do is fight Jon at 205. Not fight GSP at 170. Anderson at 170 would be WAY too weak for GSP’s wrestling. He needs to take the belt away from Jony Jon the leprechaun.

  24. sudokcd says:

    Quality isn’t great, but the video of Wiedman beating Uriah Hall is on YouTube

  25. Hamad Oman says:

    I think Jones is the perfect fighter now.
    He could face Anderson but Dana and his Jewish fellows do not want because they want to grant the titles to their sons.
    It is good for Jones but UFC has lost its integrity.
    GPS knows how to avoid those malicious guys.
    It seems segregation and corruption have reached everything in US, Not only the government and LAPD.