Jon Jones reaction to Anderson Silva being knocked out by Chris Weidman

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24 Responses to “Jon Jones reaction to Anderson Silva being knocked out by Chris Weidman”

  1. Jott Pool says:

    If you think height and therefore reach is nothing, you obviously have never fought anyone who held that advantage over you. As for the Jones weight debate, If he makes weight he makes weight, whats the problem? If he is withing the rules then he is within the rules.

  2. DonMack279 says:

    Because Jones actually finishes fights

  3. thomaserossi says:

    Profoundly stupid.


  4. frankovich213 says:

    I agree with you but I can’t help feeling that with Silva showboating the way he was that night, which was unprecedented, anybody could have knocked him out, myself included.
    Yes he has used tactics similar to this on many occasions, however this was pure showboating, he never attacked, something he’s only done before with Stephan Bonnar.

  5. Nolan Heidenreich says:

    well said.

  6. EvilPerson1909 says:

    Anderson silva wanted to go to sleep. so he let wiedman put him too sleep and hold his belt for ufc to market with the new York thing . Anderson will slap him silly just wait
    black people own boxing and mma

  7. CaesarThaApeGod says:

    Jones admitted he was a gorilla??? Sure he did!

  8. MasterJoBob says:

    Well said sir, well said

  9. khav9 says:

    rofl try to comment without jones balls on your chin loser! all i said was he would get destroyed in HW, where his tall ass belong.

  10. blmartin500 says:

    Jones wants the superfight, but knows it may not happen now.

  11. enesog says:

    Thats fact. Thats why you come up with racist. Jones himself admitted it. So beat it.

  12. MrCladious says:

    Glad im not the only one, shit drives me fucking insane all the time.

  13. CaesarThaApeGod says:

    Profoundly racist

  14. enesog says:

    Jones is to big and to strong for his devision. He should move to HW.

  15. enesog says:

    No, Jones is hating Silvas loss because he won’t get a fight against him now.

  16. enesog says:

    height means nothing when you are a average strong guy, but not when you are a poverfull gorilla like Jones. THIS IS a big difference.

  17. enesog says:

    Because Dana wants to hype, because he make make more money with Jones when he’s “p4p 1 ” SMH !! He’s p4p 1 at beating smaller or weaker opponents, thats for sure !!

  18. enesog says:

    Don’t even bother this Bitch !! He’s on sooo many Jones videos , defending Jones all the time. He probably is payed off to defend Jones and to influence peoples mind. But it doesn’t work, because Jones IS OBVIOUSLY to big and to strong. And the funny thing about this is, Jones admitted it himself if you didn’t know.

  19. enesog says:

    me. I CAN’T STAND THIS. especially people defending Jones like he is not to big and to strong, while Jones admitted that he is !!

  20. kimo okamoto says:

    John Jones speaks the truth and has class with it.

  21. MrCladious says:

    Anybody else hate watching John Jones fight just because of his physical advantage?

  22. FruitFreedom says:

    But I would not call it a “luck blow,” Weidman is a terrific fighter.. he caught Silva fucking around.. and caught him damn good!

  23. highmetalman6 says:

    I love all the masterful typing expertise on this comment section. Simply amazing, the wording by all the geniuses who decided to grace us with masterful verbatim which is omnipresent all throughout this page. Thank you professors. Oh, and fuck Silva.

  24. CaesarThaApeGod says:

    Just because someone is tall and have long reach doesn’t guarantee you’ll win a fight moron. There are many many tall guys who get destroyed by shorter guys, it happens most of the time. Jones wins because of skill dumbass.