Robert Drysdale has words for Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and Nick Diaz

Anderson Silva Online video Rating: 3 / five

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8 Responses to “Robert Drysdale has words for Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and Nick Diaz”

  1. jayme pereira nunes says:

    i heard stories of anderson being(getting) cocky with time.. the other side is, robert knocked on andersons door asking to be his ground coach, and anderson declined, days later robert went to forrest to offer himself as a ground partner. forrest took it. long story short; robert gave priority to anderson , who wouldnt want to capitalize on being part of anderson crew ? then went to forrest, we all know what happened in the fight..

  2. frasecurta says:

    Actually he has born in USA, His Mother is Brazilian and His Father is American. Ok, He Lived in Brazil for a long time and he has both nationality, but the fact is he has born in US Soil

  3. adri galliani says:

    Drysdale himself is brazilian, dude.

  4. Bruno Castro says:

    I’m brazilian, and I agree 100% with Drysdale.

  5. MegaPussyfarts says:

    I totally agree with robert on what he says about anderson

  6. Nomack75 says:

    this is also the bitch that missed weight for his last fight by 5 pounds

  7. marighella000 says:

    Jon jones ? hahahahahahhhahahha,AS by murder ,haters gonna hate

  8. x251k says:

    this guy looks and talks like jon lajoie,.. GENITALIA!!