Rogan Riffs: Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Rogan Riffs: Anderson Silva”

  1. SpiritMolecule1 says:

    Rogan = not the brightest kid around

  2. Anderson Silva says:

    I here for fight. Sensei teach me deadly stuff for whopper value meals

    UFC is the big sport it important for the fans and kids to hespect the big sport

  3. Phil Tesseneer says:

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  4. xTheRockStar21x says:

    Anderson looks SICK with that beard!!! 😀

  5. BoyDanny93 says:

    Are you basically telling me heavyweights are the best fighters?

  6. daabongz says:

    I knew you wouldn’t understund that part. What I meant is that Anderson silva might be the best pound for pound fighter but that still doesn’t make him better than Fedor because Fedor would destroy him. You see it’s relative to how you see it. For me the best fighter is the one that can beat all others and Fedor sure lived up to that. Now if Anderson was a heavyweight then it might have been another story.

  7. BoyDanny93 says:

    and last but not least, re-think what u said ” if Silva is the best P4P fighter how can he not be the best fighter??? do you even fuckin know what ”Best P4P fighter” means. Fedor is a small heavyweight who can easily fight in LHW while Silva is a big middleweight who can also easily fight in LHW, if they do fight in LHW which is a pound for pound fight, Silva would fuckin beat Fedor.

  8. BoyDanny93 says:

    STFU you Fedor nuthugger!!! as i said before Fedor is arguably the best mixed martial artist HW of all time and u said it yourself ”he’s the king of HW’s”. Toughest division??? my ass it was, LHW was. Please explain how Fedor would destroy Silva, cause i know for a fuckin fact, in a pound 4 pound match Silva would dismantle Fedor. Hendo didn’t get lucky against Fedor, Fedor just made a mistake and Hendo capitalized it you jackass.

  9. daabongz says:

    Stop riding Silva’s cock.Truth is that Fedor is the best fighter to ever walk this earth, not only because of his skill but also because of the fact that he was the king of heavyweights (the toughest division). Fedor would probably destroy Anderson Silva, and we all know that he wasn’t himself during his last two losses (and Hendo’s ko over him was pure luck; in fact he was hurt and was lucky to slip behind him and get a good shot).Anderson is maybe the best p4p fighter but not the best fighter.

  10. AnonymousCowardX says:

    So what?

    But you are the greatest fighter.

  11. nemesis1ization says:

    looking at it is still not a proof good enough

  12. Drewmoneyxl says:

    If you haven’t seen the documentary “like water” don’t talk shit. Even after the first round you see him looking at his corner and pointing to his rib. GTFO

  13. Codi190 says:

    Yes he allways does that , he says other fighters are better than him , dont know why , but he allways does that

  14. skk supa says:

    Man! Lots are suffuring from periods out here. Please stay out

  15. nemesis1ization says:

    there is no proof of his rib injury.he lied

  16. Jonathan Carmo says:

    It will not happen, and i say that being a very big fan of Jon Jones, but why its not gonna happen? Jon Jones already said after Gustafsson, he’s going up to Heavyweight, that’s why, i really can’t see how Jon Jones can win over Cain Velasquez, and he’ll have a very hard time to beat guys like JDS , Roy Nelson, etc. But… If he stays in LHW, i really think he can surpass Silva.

  17. Anderson Silva says:


  18. Randy Dandy says:

    I just remembered Chael was on steroids during that fight, and still lost

  19. pabsterlocc says:

    Powerful riff

  20. HellmuthOnTilt4 says:

    in a recent interview silva actually said he does’nt think he can beat jones so….

  21. DaTRUgSTAR1 says:


  22. Drewmoneyxl says:

    Really!? Anderson avoids fights? name an example please.

  23. Drewmoneyxl says:

    Yeah and who was all bloodied up? Chael. Who was on steroids? Chael. Who went in to the fight with a broken rib and still won? I’ll let you answer that..

  24. OUWATZAHLE08 says:

    fedor wil always be a enigma man no one and i mean no one would stand boxing against fedor if he connect on punch he would end the biggest man in this planet shame he retired shame

  25. BoyDanny93 says:

    and i just remember that Sonnen was on a very high T/E than an athlete is allow to have that made him kicked Silva’s ass for 4 rounds in a half