Should Anderson Silva Be Allowed to Compete in the 2016 Olympics?

Anderson Silva Video Ranking: four / five

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6 Responses to “Should Anderson Silva Be Allowed to Compete in the 2016 Olympics?”

  1. Rico Suave says:

    If he’s clean and passes the Olympic style drug testing then why not? Let

  2. Why Can't I Think Of A Name? says:

    sure why not. Every top level athlete is on some shit. Drug tests are so
    easy to pass.

  3. Mark Matera says:

    Let him compete if he passes the test just like everyone else & please TYT
    don’t call em “Ultimate Fighters” or “Ultimate Fighting champion” just say
    “MMA fighter” “Mixed Martial Artist” etc I grade y’all on a curve because I
    know y’all are trying to learn & get better so just a tip.

  4. gavinschannel5 says:

    It could have been something that medical staff could have gave him
    something he didnt know about..

  5. trolljanhorse says:

    As long as he passes the drug test.

  6. alameano says:

    Give the spot to an athlete that has the skill and chance to win instead of
    a juicer that bc he “wants” too