Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping fought back in February, with the Briton winning a hard earned decision during their main event match in England.

Whether he’s eager for a rematch or not, the Spider decided to bring up the contest and make a mockery of Bisping on social media.

He took to Instagram about their bout and posted a picture with the following caption.

“Where did this punch come from? Kick in the mouth! Where did it come from? III. I will run from this guy! I hope they’ll help me in this fight! I think I am going to go to sleep and I will come back later since I’m at home! It is always nice to fight at home. God Save the Queen!”

“The day I knocked someone out and ended up losing by points. In the Queen’s land, it is no different from Brazil, it seems fighting at home has its advantages! God save the Queen!”

It wasn’t long before Bisping replied with a lengthy Instagram post of his own.

“This is only in response to @spiderandersonsilva,” Bisping wrote. “You are still whining on Instagram about the decision. Saying I ran the whole time, and you knocked me out lol. First off, I backed you up the entire fight and dropped you twice, also I clearly out struck you the entire fight. You landed a cheap shot in the third which dropped me at the end of the round, not me lol.

“Man, you’re so used to everyone bowing down to you; your head is messed up. You lost! Deal with it. A true martial artist should have honor and respect in defeat as well as victory. Also, they don’t take steroids, you sir are fake!!!!”

The controversy that stirs the instagram commotion happened in the 3rd round of their fight. While Bisping was foolishly signaling to the referee that he lost his mouthpiece rather than defending himself, Silva dealt him a huge flying knee that dropped him. Silva was celebrating thinking he’d won unaware that the round just ended and the fight wasn’t over. Bisping recovered in time and went on to win a decision based on three good rounds and two knockdowns he had in the contest.

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