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Anderson Silva boxing match will never happen

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC has long been teasing about a boxing match between the legendary Roy Jones Jr. and former UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva, but at the moment, it all seems to be a pipe dream that will never be realized.

Dana White, the president of the UFC, who is usually outspoken at the prospect of a super match, has always chosen his words carefully when talks of a boxing match between the two sporting legends have arisen, and this attitude seems to be running thin with Jones Jr.

A former world champion, Jones Jr. said that he was really disappointed at the way in which the potential fight was handled by the UFC and he couldn’t hide the fact at potentially not being able to share the same ring with the greatest fighter in the history of Mixed Martial Arts.

Speaking at a television show, Jones Jr. said that he doesn’t think the UFC will ever allow Anderson Silva to fulfil his dream. Anderson has always spoken of his high regard for Jones Jr. and the boxer feels it’s a shame that the Brazilian will not get to live his dream and be inside the same ring with him.

Jones Jr. went on to add that it is a shame because it would have been a fight that fans of both the sports would have enjoyed and wanted to see because they would be seeing two legends from two different backgrounds enter into the ring at the same time.

The 45 year old stated although it would be boxing, Anderson Silva would love it because he can box and he is good at it; moreover, he is a professional and an entertainer just like him and it would have been a really great match, one for the ages.