The Best Damn Anderson Silva Highlight

Anderson Silva Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Best Damn Anderson Silva Highlight”

  1. Patriko says:

    Silva got dominated by the most accomplished middleweight he ever fought. 

  2. DiveBum18 says:

    closest thing to a real life jet li or jackie chan we ever saw

  3. ricorice1 says:

    A hybrid of Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson. Speed power accuracy. And with
    Muay thai and bjj how can anyone say silva wasn’t the complete fighter

  4. KDizon201 says:

    Everyone loses sometimes but with that being said ANDERSON SILVA is STILL
    the greatest mixed martial artist ever hands down! Dont matter what haters
    say so suck it but doesnt mean that other fighters are ass its just that da
    spider is STILL number 1! 

  5. Emily Fillion says:

    He’s fighting Diaz at ufc 183

  6. Johnny Darko says:

    Liked immediately after hearing game of thrones

  7. NahDudeFkThat says:

    ..this was absolutely terrible.

  8. Lucas Pontes says:

    Quando sai o próximo vídeo seu ?????

  9. 4gelassenheit says:

    My dude I think you’re done…

  10. Phvrvoh Phonk says:

    worst higlight ever

  11. Руслан Переверзев says:

    Величайший чемпион!

  12. lilquinton94 says:

    Jon Jones would kill silva.

  13. Joona Knuutinen says:

    did that elbow connected in 3:03? link?

  14. Lanny Lin says:

    I saw Ronaldo???!!!

  15. oGPinball says:

    He will always be the GOAT. Dude was like Ali in his prime, never got to
    witness Ali but watched silva from the start. Levels ahead others, weidman
    got lucky 2 times in my eyes. Silva still a boss though, pound 4 pound the
    best ever.

  16. melissa velez says:

    What is the song called playing in the beginning!? 

  17. Qisthatdude says:

    Lol…people think his two losses two Weidman really diminishes his
    illustrious career in any way, shape or form.

    People were brought into UFC because Silva – He brought style and flash to
    the sport when most other Champions were boring wrestlers. Now with Weidman
    were back to the same era we once were in.

    Maggots might not agree with what I said but it’s the truth. 

  18. gustavo menezes says:

    Ronaldo n anderson work together in brazil sorry for my english

  19. BEASTMODE82 says:

    One of the best HL on youtube. Good job.

  20. Xavier Pushkin says:

    Highlight is good, but the music is fucking horrible.

  21. Jai Hurdle says:

    game of thrones music…really? lol

  22. chev chief says:

    i was excpecting him to beat chris and retire i hope he can come back and
    do something we all know he can do

  23. League of Gamers says:

    lol the music from game of thrones wtf :D

  24. jitteryjoe says:

    Maybe he should fight a dangerous light heavyweight first…

  25. preyPL says:

    title of song can i please?