UFC 133: Chael Sonnen talks Anderson Silva, Brian Stann

Anderson Silva Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “UFC 133: Chael Sonnen talks Anderson Silva, Brian Stann”

  1. MidnightFireBurst says:

    Sonnen sounds like he is trying to take a huge shit 24/7

  2. amartinez0607 says:

    @fabriciomuzel to be honest I don’t think he really hates brazil or even Anderson silva. He is just trying to piss silva off so he will fight him and also trying to promote his fights to make more people watch em. Also in a way I think it just motivates him people and fighters off.

  3. fabriciomuzel says:

    @fLo777com Silva got some kikcs, but Sonnen would have a broken arm from a guy who fighted with injured ribs, the same thing that happened in several fights of Minotauro: amazing submission in the end. Sonnen is a great fighter, but brazilian jiu-jitsu told him a lesson about humility, he was very disrespectful about Brazil, brazilian government and brazilian people…should be training to beat Silva in stead of preparing stupid declarations.

  4. alinabiryukova says:

    Chael is annoyed at 1:28 lol

  5. fLo777com says:

    @fabriciomuzel haha kick his ass “again” xDD last time Sonnen kicked his ass over 5 rounds my friend

  6. fabriciomuzel says:

    Anderson Silva will kick his ass again, this guy talks too much

  7. impactplayer999 says:

    muscle, steel and sex appeal lmfao

  8. l3lip says:


    “every realtor”
    — Erm, did you even read what he did?

  9. mondaywar says:

    @manofleshandbones silva got dropped 4 times by a mosquito hahhahaaha

  10. mondaywar says:

    @l3lip every realtor had done what hes done, the media was making a story out of nothing

  11. CLOVERCITYY15 says:

    lol when u interview chael sonnen uu dont get run the show anymore lol

  12. l3lip says:

    In terms of personality, I choose Stann over Sonnen, hands down. No comparison.

    He’s a fucking immoral, unethical piece of trash. Anybody who wants to know what I’m talking about should look up his history in mortgage fraud. If a ”normal” mortgage realtor did what he did, he would have 10 years in prison. 10 fucking years. I’d hedge my bets that if If he had the chance, Chael would be another Bernie Madoff.

    We’re better off without pricks like him.

  13. piercetopherb says:

    hmmm he was on 7x the amount of testosterone when he fought anderson, andersons ribs were messed…..and anderson still won why is there a rematch?

  14. JsTx92 says:

    Chael is a BADASS.

  15. TheREGISMarkV says:

    @TheeNveedEverywhere White man hates hearing the truth

  16. TheeNveedEverywhere says:

    Chael is a white man ridiculed by the white man… all he does is speak the truth and do his thing

  17. kev540 says:

    @blackkid856 If I had the chance of a boxing match against Sonnen, I may not win but it would definately go the distance as Sonnen has no knockout power in any of his strikes. As I said he is a great wrestler but that is all

  18. guimmed says:

    So nice to see the Sonnen and Anderson fight again.
    Even better watching his dumbest speeches.
    Jiu Jitsu is a brazilian art that you should bow to.
    Best fighters is the world are brazilians.

  19. nagualzin says:

    ufc sonnen = idra starcraft 2…

  20. hlnub says:


  21. yoda200sx says:

    Chael Sonnen you are an arrogant pig with no respect.

  22. crocopliddell says:

    sonnen will get his ass beet Anderson wont play with him like the last fight.

  23. sffl83 says:

    FUckin fags suck that..THE BEST FIGHTERS ARE BRAZILIANS…

  24. SuperHotFuzz29 says:

    LMFAO this dude is the shit the best shit talker EVER and can back him up

  25. cricka09 says:

    @michaeljacksonisnotd since anderson beat chael i guess chael just happens to suck more dickhead