UFC 134: Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami (Gracie Breakdown)

Anderson Silva Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “UFC 134: Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami (Gracie Breakdown)”

  1. 57worldwide says:

    Learning online works because you can go at the pace you can learn. You have to be focused to learn, and we all learn at different speeds, so learning online means not having to wait for others to catch up, if you would be at the front of the class.
    It also means flexibility, being able to learn anywhere there is an internet connection, which is a bonus to people who are nomadic or move alot. You don’t have to worry about wether the guy in the new gym teaching the technique knows how to teach.

  2. mshaheen486 says:

    I love this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Crucial0885 says:

    Are these Ricksons boys?

  4. MrJeps76 says:

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  5. 2431346 says:

    of course, when a japanese loses to a brazilian…. even when there is no jujitsu involved, the gracies are the first to throw a party. How about uploading Ryo Chonan vs Anderson Silva? Or Yoshida vs Royce?

  6. Ariel1Dominguez says:

    @ihatebobsaget1989 unless you are chael sonnen and you want to fall into a triangle choke.

  7. ihatebobsaget1989 says:

    @Ariel1Dominguez unless you are chael sonnen.

  8. lugtavisi says:

    @Bones87ish allright mr ariel helwani, youre right none off his opponents could fight. maybe u should become matchmaker for the ufc?

  9. Bones87ish says:

    @lugtavisi In the sense that you’re the p4p king by beating that level of competition then yes it is a joke! Anderson Silva’s toughest fight was with a guy that had a UFC record of 4 n 4 plus he got submitted 7 times b4 he even fought Silva so in reality submitting a guy that’s already been submitted 7 times ain’t really all that impressive. Jon Jones in just 3 n a half yrs of training mma has already fought way tougher fighters than Silva has in his whole career.

  10. lugtavisi says:

    @spurwinggoose cool?what is wrong with u

  11. lugtavisi says:

    @Bones87ish you think its a joke, would u have a chance against demien or even an amateur fighter

  12. Bones87ish says:

    @andresitin72 Chael was Silva’s toughest challenge yet n he had a UFC record of 4 n 4 n got submitted 7 times before he even fought Silva LOL. Rich Franklin a former MW champ who was always in title contention as a MW CAN’T even rank top 10 as a LHW. Brian Stann is 1 of the top guys in the MW division but when he fought in the LHW division he got smashed in the 1st round by fkn Krzysztof Soszynski! LOL. Mark Munoz has won 6 of his last 7 fights as a MW but as a LHW he couldn’t even win ONE! LOL

  13. andresitin72 says:

    according to Chael Sonnen the MW division is the most dangerous, what are you talking about!

  14. scarred10 says:

    @vectors2final online learning works,however,you need someone to correct you as you go if your learning bjj,videos dont correct mistakes.Ive seen some useless vids of the combatatives online by university students purely because they were not aware of their mistakes.I can learn bjj online because I already have the fundamentals from a real school,everything else makes sense once you have those,I undersatnd the common principles that make stuff work,beginners wont.

  15. Bones87ish says:

    The lesson of beating Anderson Silva is giving Anderson Silva tougher opponents. Thales Lietes, Patrick Cote, Lee Murray, Jeremy Horn, Travis Lutter, n James Irvin are not really big name fighters to brag about especially now. Maia got a title shot for winning just 1 fight after getting KO’d by Marquardt in the 1st. Even Silva got a title shot after his debut win. The MW division is a fkn JOKE!

  16. HollywoodKendrick says:

    These guys are hilarious. lol. They know exactly what they’re talking about.

  17. Raffael900me says:

    can u guys do Dominick cruz and pat berry?

  18. spurwinggoose says:

    I liked the phone interruption. That was cool.

  19. vectors2final says:

    I believe online learning works well because the student can go over the material at their own speed and can review multiple times to allow for maximum retention of details. People learn differently and allowing people the ability to control the lesson so they can take it when they are ready to learn, at their own speed, and allow for review is huge. Love the training guys, keep it real!

  20. Ariel1Dominguez says:

    the lesson is do not fight Anderson Silva

  21. josuelula says:

    Cause i can learn on my own time.

  22. intelekio says:

    Always Great, Always cristal clear, a pleasure to have you guys explaning every technique in the main events. Regards from an Argentinian living in Madrid, and training bjj since very little with Rafael Ribeiro.-

  23. TheRustyforest says:

    I have been a student at your university for just over a month and I am hooked. Based in a rural area of the UK, this means me and my training partner get 1 to 1 (or 2 to 2!) based training with the best…say no more!

  24. airborne821234 says:

    online learning is great because i can just stay at home and learn gracie jiu-jitsu

  25. policeluigi says:

    Great breakdown as always.