UFC 148: Chael Sonnen Says Renzo Gracie Call Changed His Ways

Anderson Silva Video clip Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “UFC 148: Chael Sonnen Says Renzo Gracie Call Changed His Ways”

  1. Arnaz316 says:

    this just proves that if you can talk, you can bullshit your way into title fights,,. unfair world

  2. trademenow81sj says:

    this guy has never been in a close fight he lost to anderson by a fluke he fell

  3. hereisthankappan says:

    Chael looks tired as hell. like he hasn’t slept for a couple of days.

  4. sparkxzz says:

    I agree, it’s done. He won twice.
    Chael had his chances in both fights, and he spoiled them and that is exactly how a third would go.
    Anderson is the greatest MMA fighter of all time, Chael has nothing to be ashamed of, he’s a great fighter too.

  5. dm99yt says:

    the reason the chael / anderson dialog continues is because cheal has given anderson his best fights to date and seems to be the only guy capable of doing so

  6. TheWazaaaaap says:

    Jesus Christ are Sonnen fanboys still complaining?! Chael got beaten twice dude, ain’t no fluke by Silva. Chael is nothing but a big mouth, get’s his title shots through talking. Hell, he only got the decision over Bisping becasue of the rematch with Silva on the horizon. Chael talked shit about Wanderlai then met him in real life and what did he do? Sonnen shat his pants and Wanderlai talked to him like he was a little child. Just watch, Jones will destroy Chael.

  7. plastique45 says:

    Errr, he did, and had to drop out because his past money laundering fraud.

    Maybe you should get more information before voting, huh?

  8. Khaizer Strychnine says:

    Chael Sonnen is always sure of himself. and he gives the best interviews. he should run for public office. he would get my vote. =)

  9. Johnny Mayhem says:

    shut the fuck up! you whiney little bitches, I DONT LIKE HIM BUT CHAEL STEPPED THE FUCK UP!!! he stepped up when none of the other motherfuckers would SO quit whining you little shits get over his white right wingedness i dont give a shit , the man STEPPED UP!!

  10. Blair Thein says:

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  11. purpulehaze says:

    you fuckin idiot lol

  12. dajify says:

    “only in America they get away with all this shit talk”? That has to be one of the most absurd statements I’ve ever seen. Watch Anderson vs Maia and explain to me how Silva is so humble. Also, in my estimation a humble person doesn’t get butthurt when someone insults or teases them and doesn’t misconstrue every joke as an insult to national pride. Btw, Anderson (who is IMO the GOAT) viewed his wins over Sonnen as something big.

  13. hollowghost2 says:

    Wow what a comment, you just went full-on retard.

  14. MrHoover77 says:

    Ariel likes to start shit with Americans. Typical from a beaked nosed jew bastard.

  15. Lloyd Banks says:

    wow much respect to cheal never seen this side of him

  16. Zighammer says:

    After Jon jones I hpe to see silva vs sonnen 3

  17. crimescene08 says:

    if you lost on your best performance to someone who was having their worst day ..and u do a rematch and get TKO’d its only fair u take ur loss and stay quiet ..so idk what u mean by taking his loss like a champ..what else can he do ?

  18. ramseymona11 says:

    no that he talked so much trash and took the loss like a champ.

  19. jasonarmstrong1982 says:

    How many beers did Chael drink before this interview?

  20. Iron Skillet says:

    the Chael Sonnen Burger Video is killer!

  21. Navila1 says:

    Chael remind me of that fake wrestling crap. Just a poser doing what he can to make a pay day.

  22. megasif says:

    There’s ghetto sluts everywhere.

  23. MrSchokokeksgang says:

    @ihlniwh yeah i totally agree! BTW! i think you would enjoy this game have a look >> bit.ly/SWYWtr?=vjmmh

  24. UsernameInvalidError says:

    Even if you can take all that as a joke, how can you agree with it? By trash talking he’s got another title fight now which is even a ridiculous matchup. If someone legitimately deserved to fight Jones before he moves up to HW (120kg) that’s Dan Henderson, not 80kg ‘TRT buildup’ Sonnen. Joke? He shi* his pants when he met Wanderlei outside, imagine what would happen if he ever meets CroCop or Fedor. Many were fired from the UFC for dope and bad jokes, yet somehow he’s getting title shots…Joke?

  25. El Nino says:

    Chael’s a different character. Would be boring if everyone was the same. Like I said, some people love him and some hate him. All depends on your personality. You obviously feel what he does is wrong, whereas I do not. Oh and I was serious, if you don’t take him seriously he won’t piss you off as much.