UFC Connected: Georges St-Pierre talks about fighting Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “UFC Connected: Georges St-Pierre talks about fighting Anderson Silva”

  1. thewwehbkfan says:

    not going to happen this fight is a myth

  2. Arodblade says:

    @REELHIPHOP420 GSP has way better cardio though

  3. PermaneoImperator says:

    @REELHIPHOP420 GSP don’t need hes reach and height to beat Anderson. GSP is the best wrestler in UFC, he would take him down and beat him up, just like Sonnen. George did it to BJ Penn, so and don’t think he is affraid of Silvas BJJ skills. I love both of them, but ib the fight between them two GSP would win.

  4. REELHIPHOP420 says:

    @PermaneoImperator GSP would win? i highly doubt that.. you see the height, weight, reach & cardio difference between both of these fighters.. dont get me wrong.. i’d love to see this fight… but then again.. i’d also like to see a fair fight…

  5. PermaneoImperator says:

    GSP would win Silva fight. UD all day! Dana will never make this fight. UFC needs best FIGHTERS. Not best fighter.

  6. Arancar808 says:

    @manz92 of course he will be the same fighter because at fight night he still gonna weigh in at 192ish. Whats the difference? GSP only gotta cut 10lbs and his opponents weight will be the difference thus he loses his greatest attribute, his size/strength advantage at 170. If GSP wants to be P4P, he gotta test himself and fight some 185lbs. “doesnt mean he can fight at that fight” = so your saying that he would lose at that weight(185)? when did you start watching mma, 3 days ago?

  7. SeanBeanie4191 says:

    GSP is stiff lol..he moves funny sometimes…but he’s still awesome as fuck..I love the top 5 P4P of our generation

  8. theavatarstoneburner says:

    GSP will never fight him… he is a scared homie

  9. darkrith87 says:

    @kinglouienidas he has the potential to beat anderson. Im an anderson fan, but if anyone is gonna beat him, it would be a wrestler like gsp or jon jones. i like gsp, he’s such a nice guy.

  10. manz92 says:

    @Arancar808 what are you talking about, your saying if gsp fights at 185, he will be the same fighter, when did you start watching ufc 1 years ago?, go watch atleast 10 years worth and reply, i dont want to argue or have to insult you. but just because a fighter walks around above 185 doesnt mean he can fight at that fight.

  11. Arancar808 says:

    @manz92 omg, im gonna slap myself for replying to a fucking noob like you… cutting weight is what they do. If you don’t know the concept of cutting weight before the fight(which you don’t because you gave a reply that came out of your ass) then you should learn how it works. So read my first post and realize that is how it works and that is exactly what GSP weighs in at.

  12. manz92 says:

    @Arancar808 i dont know how to say this, but you are surely a mma noob, please get your facts straight and do some research, GSP fights at 170, yes he fights which mean he preforms his best at 170, gaining weight can realy effect his preformance, and il go as far as to say around 50%, he will be slower, his reactions poor, and all the muscle draining all his energy, its a tough task. you need to realise that.

  13. Arancar808 says:

    @sheriffquick Well said!!! Also at Jake fight, GSP walked into the ring at 192lbs. That means between fights GSP is probably 200lbs. Silva vs GSP can easily happen. GSP is acting like he is to small and needs to gain weight to fight at 185. Thats just an excuse cuz he knows he would get whooped by Silva. Silva fought at 205 and BJ fights at 170 also and BJ cuts no weight at WW. GSP still would need to cut weight to fight at 185, but fear of Silva is stopping him.

  14. KnowMyStyle says:

    Anderson vs Georges is like Manny vs Floyd Mayweather. One fighter nows he can kick his ass, and the other fighters nows if he loses, hes fighting career is over.

  15. goku4113 says:

    Dont be a bitch GSP, beat that niggas ass.

  16. keeganmorrison says:

    I think gsp needs a stylist.

  17. AznboiY2J says:

    @kinglouienidas We have weight class for a reason. Not only that but Matt Hughes was as dominant as GSP back then and nobody called him out to fight in MW

  18. kmc00007 says:

    @BoxingProtege im just gonna stop right now. have a good day.

  19. BoxingProtege says:

    @kmc00007 If you idolize lee like you say you do,then you know or should know he doesn’t have a certain type of style like 100% of the ufc,boxers or any kind of fighter for that matter.So comparing anybody to Bruce Lee is just foolish.Had it not been for Lee and his success in mma you and I probably wouldn’t even know who Silva is right now.The UFC wouldn’t be as big as it is today without lee.That said Silva the best ufc fighter of all time if not top 3 for sure.

  20. sm0keyMcP0t420 says:

    GSP is right, the p4p rankings go up and down like nothing else….after GSP beat hughes he was suppose to be #1 p4p, but wait, now he had to beat Penn, winner of that fight will surely be number 1 P4P! oh but wait, now theres this guy Silva…ok beat Silva, then he will be number 1 P4P. And if he beats Silva they will tell him he has to go on a diet and beat Frankie Edgar, THEN he will be number 1 P4P.

  21. 7hom says:

    @sheriffquick “GSP VS SILVA would probably be´╗┐ SILVAS EASIEST FIGHT IN THE UFC” that is hilarious stuff

  22. milzz100 says:

    screw the fight why dont they tell silva to fight caine

  23. SocraticMind89 says:

    @lalamango1 yes but the beauty of anderson is that he isnt getting knocked the fuck out and takes very little if not any damage when he fights, i think thats how he is able to do the things he does which impeccable. another note, when you lose , especially in devestating fashion (i.e Roy jones jr) and going up and down weight and mess you up mentaly and physically aswell, i remember this guys quote( cant remember who) “90% is mental and 10% is everything else”

  24. ksungjin10 says:

    GSP is impressed by Anderson Silva’s performance.

  25. triggersprollie says:

    @sheriffquick you sir,have absolutley no idea what you are talking about,and you know it,good day sir