UFC Undisputed 3 – Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones

Anderson Silva Video clip Rating: 3 / 5

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23 Responses to “UFC Undisputed 3 – Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones”

  1. arthursales007 says:

    anderson silva e o melhor

  2. misspeperan says:

    too robotic

  3. 6kaua says:

    So mais avisiado do que esse cara

  4. MrWass98 says:

    1:26 song?

  5. xBlannnk says:

    Dude thumbs up if you think he was jackin off to the reff!!!

  6. MrRafe31 says:


  7. ViolenceIsGolden1990 says:

    Anderson Silva stops Jon Jones takedown no way in hell!

  8. mr1961123 says:


  9. Thumperr11 says:

    Jones didnt even beat rashad evens

  10. marviin071 says:

    if you will win you must switch between big punches and shorter punches

  11. marviin071 says:

    jon jones has a reach of 84.5 + hiss athleticism + his strength makes him th best player of the hole game

  12. wowthatssowonderful says:

    jones would win this fight if it were real

  13. TheGamescenes says:


  14. SCARFACE40214 says:

    Lol keyboard warriors.

  15. jelejele1 says:

    i’d love to see this fight happen

  16. jelejele1 says:

    oh shit please don’t kick my ass on a videogame !

  17. Gameplayvids247 says:

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  18. ibragimKAZ says:

    3:10 skip all!

  19. jismick says:

    This looks like you controlled both characters on your own… One attacks and the other takes it.. Dick head

  20. steveaustin95 says:

    a real fight between jones would be the winner, silva is fast, accurate, and much more skilled but not the best takedown defence i mean sonnen could take him down easily, and jon jones would take down silva easily and when bones using his elbows no one can survive they are so sharp like knives, he would win, i mean stopping the best fighter in the world lyoto machida hes awesome. lyoto would win against silva to, i mean his a karate master and much faster than silva

  21. IamPlusH says:

    I’m 100-1-0 online. I’d own you.

  22. carloscrvm says:


  23. zeroreal1ty says:

    how is this a non title fight? LOL