UFC Undisputed 3 – Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva Video clip Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “UFC Undisputed 3 – Anderson Silva”

  1. hxcsimba420 says:

    @azamatbagatov dep-ends on if he likes that sandwhich. like ham an cheese he will, but if its like pbj and bananas prob not.

  2. gamedemon89 says:

    is there anyone who is more undisputed than anderson silva?

  3. Gestotamoseke says:


    lol – right phuk – i’m sure when they set up the instant rematch of lyoto vs shogun you were asking yourself – ‘why? lyoto CLEARLY is the better fighter, shogun needs to beat a few more people to get his shot.’

    No, people and dana wanted an instant rematch because they weren’t convinced that lyoto was the better fighter. When someone dominates an entire match winning every single round and the other guy pulls off a submission at the very end – there should be a rematch.

  4. PhukAdvertisements says:

    @Gestotamoseke I’m not protecting anything, I’m stating my opinion. Once again, you Sonnen dick suckers are just as delusional as he is. It’s ridiculous. You’re so biased that you’re blind to reality. Sonnen is the only contender left at MW who MIGHT be able to beat Silva. But he needs to work his way back up like everybody else. Brawlers & BJJ fighters? Has anybody else WRECKED them the way Silva did? No. How ignorant can you get? How do you eat when Chael’s dick is always in your mouth?

  5. Gestotamoseke says:

    I mean, you’re not even dangling silva’s balls at this point, you’re dangling on his pussy, trying to protect it from getting pounded by sonnen, or anyone that poses a threat. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise since silva has lasted in the weakest division (except maybe heavyweights) in all of UFC. he’s fought two wrestlers both of whom have easily taken him to the ground, and a bunch of brawlers and BJJ fighters. Dangle that pussy, and pray phuk, cause you’re clearly pussywhipped.

  6. PhukAdvertisements says:

    @Gestotamoseke Jones is a beast, but for you to say that he is P4P #1 proves that you know nothing about MMA.

  7. PhukAdvertisements says:

    @Gestotamoseke No, if the roles were reversed I would accept it & move on… which is exactly what you delusional Sonnen dick suckers need to do. Yes, there is a difference in winning & being better… Silva won & he’s better than Chael. Look at what Silva’s done then look at what Sonnen’s done. There’s no comparison. Sonnen has half as many losses as he does wins & half of those losses came from tapping out to the exact same submission. Maybe little kids like you should stick to WWE.

  8. Gestotamoseke says:

    And if silva really thinks that sonnen doesn’t deserve a rematch, silva AND his fans aren’t only delusional, but scared. If i were a silva fan i would want silva to shut sonnen the fu ck up. but you just sit there making excuse after excuse, ‘yeah, bisping would be a good fight’ hehe – call out competition for gods sake. if jones who is p4p imo called out tito ortiz when evans was calling him out, saying he sucked and was ducking him, i’d be pissed at jones, and i would think he was scared.

  9. Gestotamoseke says:


    haha – dude you’re pretty sad. If chael had gotten his ass kicked for 4 1/2 rounds and won by slapping on a submission a few minutes before the fight ended – you would all be saying that silva was better and that chael got lucky. You’re holding on to your belief in silva like kids hold on to their belief in santa claus, or god. Maybe when you get a little older you’ll realize that there’s a HUGE difference between winning, and being better.

  10. PhukAdvertisements says:

    @Gestotamoseke You Sonnen fans are as delusional as he is. Sonnen put him on his back for 23 minutes & he couldn’t get the job done. What does that say about Sonnen? But no, you delusional Silva haters only say “Sonnen beat him up for 4 & a half rounds, blah blah blah…” In the end, Silva won… he showed the heart of a champion & proved that Sonnen is not on his level. Chael needs to get back in line & win a few fights before getting a rematch. Bring on the next victim… simple as that.

  11. Gestotamoseke says:


    i love that – that’s the only thing silva fans have – he won – he got his ass kicked – but he won, so there.
    Who cares if he won. With how much shit sonnen has talked silva should be wanting to knock sonnen out more than anything to PROVE without a DOUBT he is better – but given the opportunity and he calls out bisping? BISPING? my god silva is pathetic. take your ass whoopin like a man silva, cause it’s comin one way or another.

  12. PhukAdvertisements says:

    @Gestotamoseke Who won… oh, that’s right, Silva won. Sonnen put Silva on his back for 23 minutes & then he got finished. All that GnP & he couldn’t finish Silva… what a joke.

  13. Gestotamoseke says:


    I’m glad you liked it – I hope you liked it as much as you liked silva getting his ass thrown around the cage for 4 1/2 rounds by sonnen. And let’s not forget how bad silva looked standing against sonnen – how many times did sonnen rock him again? 2, 3 times? HILARIOUS – especially after all the shit sonnen talked – Silva took that, and then he took the ass whoopin that follwed. HILARIOUS man, just HILARIOUS.

  14. gordi45able says:

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  15. flavioserial says:

    @GuilhermeBarros13 eu dei pra ele

  16. 01amare says:

    its about time he got a cover bros!

  17. aeeffa says:

    It’s a honor for me to see this guy wearing a Corinthians Shirt, 0:45, this is the BEST SOCCER Team Ever here in Brazil, Vai Anderson Silva, Vai Corinthians…..
    The Best MMA Fighter is Corinthians….

  18. TheOreoswithmilk says:

    Silva got the cover bitches

  19. FREDDYJUNIOR25 says:

    Anderson Silva vs Optimus Prime….. i say Silva via Crane Kick!!!

  20. MRaizen32030 says:

    in my opinion anderson silva is the best fighter in the UFC

  21. nixdcc says:

    @GuilhermeBarros13 foda-se se vc é brasileiro …se vc acha ele melhor vc é um babaca and FOREVER ALONE

  22. specialforces69 says:

    @sshurato Human is not a race you fucking idiot, its a Species, and you can tell Anderson Silva is mixed, like most Brazilians. Besides, he seems proud to be a Brazilian, not a black person.

  23. Max1337Samuelsson says:

    Rush means black in kurdish.

  24. GuilhermeBarros13 says:

    Sou brasileiro mas George “Rush” St-Pierre é o melhor!

  25. mrbadman51 says:

    @phenomenom20 i was not sure before because shogun was rusty at ufc 128 but after watching ufc 135 i am convince if this guy fight silva it will be the fight of the century