Weidman vows to disrupt UFC plans for Anderson Silva

It hasn’t been too long that Chris Weidman has been rewarded for his performances in the Ultimate Fighting Championship by being given a shot at the UFC Middleweight Championship against Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts legend Anderson Silva and he already has plans to disrupt all the plans that the UFC has for a super fight between the Brazilian and the UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre later this year by beating The Spider and taking his title when they meet on the 6th of July at UFC 162.

Silva is arguably the biggest draw in terms if pay per view sales for the UFC and there have been protracted talks that he might step down a weight category to take on the Canadian in a super fight, while there has also been talks of a fight between the Brazilian legend and his protégé Jon Jones, the UFC Light Heavyweight champion and the man many believe will take up the mantle from the Brazilian.

But Anderson Silva must get the better of Weidman, who is undefeated in Mixed Martial Arts before that but if what he said to Dana White, the president of the UFC is anything to go by, Weidman has sworn that he won’t let Silva get past him.

White stated that he had a talk with Weidman during UFC 158 at Montreal, Canada last week and according to the big boss at the promotion, Weidman looked into his eyes with some intensity before stating that he was apologetic about disrupting his plans of setting up a super fight for Anderson Silva before adding that he is going to be the next UFC Middleweight champion.

White stated that if such a scenario does arise, Anderson will be given an immediate rematch to regain the title from the undefeated Weidman.


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